Tuesday, April 29, 2003


I am using blogger.com as my posting and administrative software. I am actually using the new version of their software, which is still in beta testing. It is, therefore, buggy. So, please be patient if links don't work, formatting gets screwed up, or you come to this site only to find an error screen.


This is a weblog by an attorney who doesn't go to court. So if you are looking for juicy tales of courtroom theatrics, you won't find any here. Try cable. No, Business Lawyer is about the transactional practice of law. Negotiating business deals. Setting up companies. Raising capital. Selling the business.

I hope to address issues ranging from what's going on in the business-law world to discrete questions of legal drafting. You may see my frustrations from time to time, or the occasional political or cultural post, but mostly, this weblog will be about business. And while Business Lawyer is based in North Carolina, most of the issues discussed here will have nationwide relevance.

If you own a business, you may find this helpful in giving you context for understanding what your attorney is up to when he's refusing to even consider a 24 month survival period -- or even what opposing counsel is getting at when he insists on a full ratchet. But don't take this as legal advice. Legal advice, by nature, has got to be particular to your specific facts, or it could get you in lots of trouble.

If you are a lawyer who doesn't practice in this area, then this weblog may give you some context for some ancillary issues that your client may face, or just give you an idea what the hell those business lawyers down the hall do all day.

And if you are a business lawyer, then perhaps this weblog will give you another perspective besides your own or raise issues that may not occur to you, or that you haven't faced, but may. For me, I hope that this will be an exercise that let's me explore issues that I can't usually explore in the context of my practice and to flesh out issues that may not need to be fleshed out in a particular document I may be working on for a client, but which should be considered for the future.

I won't tell you where I practice in order to ensure that this is not an advertisement, to protect my firm from responsibility for some of the idiotic things that I will say and to protect the confidences of my clients.

Above all, I hope this weblog entertains and informs. Enjoy.