Friday, May 30, 2003

MORE ON MEDIA CONSOLIDATION: WHO'S OPPOSED? Well, the opposition to the new rules being pushed by Chairman Powell (ostensibly because he believes the existing rules may be struck down by the courts, leaving no ownership restrictions whatsoever) need to come up with an argument better than the desire to restrict certain viewpoints.
"We're frozen out," said Karen Pomer, a member of the group Code Pink, which organized the protest and also rallied for peace during the war in Iraq. "All of this is benefiting conservative voices."

A protest in New York was organized by United for Peace and Justice NY, an anti-war group. About 150 people picketed outside station WWPR and carried signs that read, "Farewell Free Speech, We'll Miss You" and "The Airwaves Belong to the People, not Clear Channel."
Sounds like they'll be asking for a return of the king of content restrictions, the Fairness Doctrine. Let's hope that anti-Constitutional joke stays in its grave.


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