Wednesday, June 18, 2003

HACKER HATCH OR IS THAT 0Rr1n DstRuCt0r? Senator Orrin Hatch is interested in technology that destroys the computers of downloaders of protected intellectual property. Despite my usual defense of intellectual property rights and confusion about why many bloggers argue that I should have the right to copy and make derivative works out of Steamboat Willie, I'm not confused about the potential abuses from such a self-enforcement mechanism.

ROE WANTS IT OVERTURNED Regardless of what you think about the right to abortion or the different issue of whether Roe v. Wade was correctly reasoned, it seems to me that the Norma McCorvey affidavit raises some important questions about the actions of her attorneys in the case, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee (asking her to sign an affidavit with full knowledge that she hadn't read it, failing to involve her in the case, feeding her pizza and beer while she was pregnant, taking advantage of her ignorance for political gain etc.). While I don't expect the case to be opened up 30 years later, I also don't expect the bar to take note of the allegations of how the attorneys took advantage of their client. The attorneys have not yet commented, so it will be interesting to see if they confront these allegations or simply argue about the importance of the rights that Justice Blackmun set forth.


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