Thursday, June 19, 2003

MUSIC PIRACY I don't know if I understand this from a law professor at Stanford:
Three-fourths of the files in the directory were not music files. Yet he was sued by record companies, demanding hundreds of millions in damages.

When they discovered that he had saved $12,000, they gave him a classic Sopranos-like choice: Either defend yourself in court (which would cost his family over $200,000) or pay us $12,000. He handed over the $12,000.
So, he "saved" $12,000 or he "stole" $12,000 worth of the hard work of multiple artists? Sure, the RIAA is acting like a bully going after so small a criminal fish, but so too is the government when it pulls me for speeding when there are rapists loose and so is the SEC when it pursues Martha Stewart for a $48,000 trade in a world of Enrons and Worldcoms.


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