Wednesday, July 23, 2003

"TRIAL LAWYERS" = LOBBY Larry Sullivan over at the Delaware Law Office goes ballistic on the President for demonizing "trial lawyers," and gets tied up in the definition of the term at the expense of understanding its accepted political meaning. "Trial Lawyers," as serious followers of politics understand, are typically plaintiff's counsel backed up by their national lobbying group, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, who is busy stuffing cash into the pockets of Senator Johnny Edwards of North Carolina (sometimes illegally). Here's the summation:
Sure, there are erroneous trial results. That's why we have courts of appeals. Don't be distracted by the few examples held up on politically motivated banners. But let us work together to improve the judicial system with reforms that really help all of the people, not just the special interest campaign contributors.
The utopian result, again, is to ignore those effected by the proposed changes to the law, from the insurance and medical industries, to Big Law, and pretend Congress can just do the right thing. So naive. And as for the "few examples held up on politically motivated banners", I've seen enough "trial lawyers" that are more than ready threaten suit and send you a "courtesy" copy of the draft in order to extort money from deep pocketed clients that I'm not ready to write off the problems as mere anecdotes by the politically motivated (as though being politically motivated is any worse than the monetary motivation of many of these trial lawyers).

David Giacalone has a good response to Larry as well over at ethicalEsq?.


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