Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Brick Wall

There is this phenomenon called The Brick Wall™.  Lawyers know it well, if they don't know it by its name.  You are productive - indeed, hyperproductive - from the minute your butt hits your chair in the morning - even before your first cup of coffee.  The productivity continues, you almost forget to have lunch.  The afternoon rushes by, documents are flying out of your office and off your desktop.  Clients are getting inundated with paper, and they are happy.
And then.
There's still work to do.  But you can't do anymore.  The thought of staring at the computer one second longer becomes painful and the pain crowds out your to do list.  You've hit a Brick Wall™.  You either shuffle papers, clean up, post on the blog - anything while waiting for the brick wall's power to loosen its grip.  Or you go home or to a bar.
I'm weighing my options.
But clients are happy.


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